Austnesfjorden 68:19.755N 14.46.515E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 12 Jul 2015 08:11
Sunday 12th July 2015. 12.9nm, 2.5 hours under engine. Sunny and warm. Location: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (but only because of the power lines)

Headed north into the wide Austnesfjorden. Scenic and anchored in a very remote spot, close to a beach occupied only by a few sheep and oystercatchers. The tallest mountain in Lofoten was behind us, Higravtindan (1086m), and waterfalls fed by melting snow cascaded all around us. No wind at all so it was safe to stay here. The water was flat calm and all we could hear were the waterfalls, sheep bells (don’t know why they have to wear them) and the occasional fish splash. Perfect for sunbathing and reading. 

On the subject of reading, Ma, we bought a novel by Jussi Adler Olsen in a charity sale in a pub in Scotland and we are ploughing through his 5 novels now. They are set in Copenhagen which we visited last year so we like them. Maybe you will as well?

We just had to have a BBQ given the ambiance of the surroundings. We did this on board using our new ‘Lotus Grill’. We turned it up higher this time and it was better. There is no charcoal taste as the meat fat doesn’t fall on the coals and because of the fan, maybe, there is no smoke but it is handy to be able to cook outside on board. On balance we are pleased with it so thank you Chris and Carolyn Gebbie for this recommendation. 

The tallest mountain in Lofoten at 1086m