Rendsburg, Kiel Canal, Germany 54:18.40N 009:40.29E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 13 May 2019 23:00
Tuesday 14 May 2019, Rendsburg. Kiel Canal, Germany 54:18.40N 009:40.29E 
Distance: 35nm. 
Passage: 7 Hrs. 40 Mins. 
Engine Hours: 7.7
Weather: Northerly force 3. Sunny but cold.

Having always been in a hurry to get to the Baltic in previous seasons we decided to wait out the strong easterly in the town of Rendsburg. We chose the Yacht Club as it is close to town with plenty of Pelagia sized boxes. Despite being only 18 euro per night the facilities were very good. The old town has an interesting brick church and open squares but we are so spoilt we sunbathed (hunkered down out of the wind) on Wednesday, hid inside testing German cakes out of the rain and strong wind on Thursday and went to Lübeck on the train on Friday. 

We chose Lübeck over the closer and more obvious Hamburg as it is a tiny walled island with World Heritage status and a prestigious museum about the Hanse (Hanseatic League). The Hanse was created by the sea faring merchants of Lübeck in the 12th century and we have encountered reference to them all over the Baltic and Netherlands.  The train was 2 hours each way with 2 changes and all for 16 euro. Perfect, with the special treat of sighting a pair of Eurasian cranes close by the tracks. They stand 1.3m tall and one was flapping it’s 2.4m wings which is crane dancing apparently!  

Lübeck is delightful with numerous historic buildings, city gates, smart shops and street cafes. They had considerable help from the Dutch to drain the marshes to build the city so Dutch building style was apparent too. The Hanse museum was very interesting with the story told in your language of choice and by reference to what was happening in a member port of your home country as well. We chose Kampen which was the only Hanse member in the Netherlands and Visby in Sweden as we hope to reach Gotland island this season. Visby was critical as the staging port to reach Russia and the Gotlanders accompanied the Lübeck merchants on the first trips. The overland trade routes from the far east congregated at Novgorod on the Volkhov river and truly European trade took place. The Hanse could teach our current politicians a few things no doubt and in the museum a local was keen to commiserate with us upon hearing us speak English.

Still early in the season, Rendsburg yacht club’s new mooring quay still quiet.

Sarah started to show interest in Frans’ engine maintenance… she didn’t realise Diesel was actually a person… Yes Frans said Rudolph Diesel and here is his boat, next to ours (zoom in on the name plate). We laughed and we laughed….

Lübeck Holsten (West) Gate - a bit saggy but still standing since 1464.