Florø 61:36.072N 005:01.894E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 5 Aug 2015 17:37
Wednesday 5th August 2015. 34.3nm, 6.1 engine hours. Southerly wind on the nose, squally showers. 

Making our way south to be closer to Shetland. A long afternoon of motoring along the inside route tracing our passage from early June. A lot less snow on the mountaintops and the waterfalls much less impressive despite all the recent rain. 

The weather was looking promising for a crossing tomorrow and so we fuelled up at Florø and headed to the marina in the town centre for wi-fi and passage provisions - chocolate.  We did not stop at Florø on the way north as our books said nothing to recommend it. It is very nice with a number of restored wooden warehouses on the quay used as pubs and restaurants, a stave church and interesting high street. Many of the railings, benches and lampposts have been fitted with brightly coloured knitted covers and these lend a bohemian air to the place. If we had called in on the way north we would have had to stay several days to test the restaurants so it’s just as well. 

When we left Inverness in June we had left together with our neighbour ‘Leavea’ recently returned from Antartica and headed to Svalbard. When we saw them in the harbour in Florø we guessed they had also decided the weather was right for a crossing and sure enough they were departing Norway as well.enough they were departing Norway as well. 

Leavea in the guest harbour

To get the free wi-fi in the bar Frans had to sample the acquvit - ‘Matured at sea’ they really think we believe that?