Tjøme, Norway 59:08.121N 010:25.194E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Wed 21 Jun 2017 17:00
Wednesday 21 June 2017. 21nm. NW3 turning South. Sunny. 4.1 engine hours. 6.5 hour passage.

We were up and ready waiting in front of the Glomma bridge in Fredrikstad at 0600.  Receiving no response to our radio calls we motored back up river to the sign and called the telephone number only to be told the bridge only opened if you phoned and made a reservation! The sign is in Norwegian and only shows the times….we decided not to reserve a 0900 lift but to motor back east. The route was only a few miles longer and the river current fairly shoved us along. 

Upon reaching the west side of the outer reaches of the Oslo fiord we explored some anchorages east of Tjøme   before finding a suitable one. Oslo Torp airport is only a short distance from the islands of Notterøy and Tjøme and we had hoped to spend the weekend here but strong south westerlies are now forecast which will be unpleasant for new sailors. We’ll make a new plan.