Staffin Bay, Skye 57:38.220N 006:12.777W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 22 Jul 2013 22:43
22 July 2013.  NW2 as we tacked out of Loch Dunvegan. Very little wind otherwise so we motored 4 hours and sailed 4 heading around Skye towards Portree where we plan to sit out the spell of no wind with fog and rain which is due shortly. Motored close in around both Waternish Point and Rubha Hunish through the whirlpools and overfalls these headlands produce. These were fun with the tide in calm conditions but they are dangerous otherwise. Lots of birds again and particularly Razorbill daddies with chicks. These Dads have the job of escorting junior for several months and the adult can't fly until September as it is moulting it's flight feathers and the chick can't fly because it's a chick. When Pelagia gets too close they just dive down.   The Guillemots do the same and again it is the Dads on duty for up to 3 months. There are so many of these birds in the sea around Skye. When we pass a breed site rock the noise and smell are warning of the rock. 

Anchored in Staffin Bay and went close in which was a mistake…or maybe not as tonight's entertainment was a group of teenage girls camping on the beach…Frans busy bird watching again. About as noisy as the seals last night. As we were close in we caught the swell side on as it reached the shore and we rolled about constantly. Headed to Portree in the morning. pe