Omo island, Denmark 55:10.262N 011:09.594E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sun 15 Jun 2014 20:46

Sunday 15 June 2014. Wind a feable S1/2, bright and sunny.

Set off north up the Sio Sund between Langeland and Fyn. We had to round the top of Langeland before we could turn east across Langeland Baelt to the Smalandsfarvandet (a name you could not make up) cruising area. We are making for Copenhagen now but due to the height of our mast we cannot take the direct route between Mon and Sjaelland, we have to go around the outside of Mon island. After 2 hours of going nowhere we put the engine on and made for the harbour of Omo to overnight. The area is very shallow and anchorages are limited as we need 2.5m of water, not much to ask for you’d think but the dredged channels to the little harbours cross shallows extending a mile or so off shore so there is no shelter to anchor. 

Near Thuro we were entertained by 2 Hallberg Rassey 352’s clearly doing sailing manoeuvres. We had seen one already in Svendborg practicing coming along side. They had large crews of young men and Frans believes these are the army boats out of Holtenau where Jonny is going in August. They looked like they were having lots of fun. 

Potential army recruits being wooed to join up. 


Thuro sound, enjoying a glass of wine in the sun whilst speaking to mum and dad.