Stokksund 64:02.383N 010:03.708E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Thu 30 Jul 2015 20:19
Thursday 30th July 2015. NW5 raining and cold. Water temp down to 10C again. Fast trip in the strong winds doing 80.7nm (av. 7 knots) and only one engine hour.

We encountered some moderate seas in the exposed areas and with being on a starboard tack all day we had a lot of water in through the rudder stock. This runs forward when heeled over and dribbles out of the door frame foot and skirting all along into the galley. Looking forward to a proper repair when we get to Ardfern in Scotland next month so we can stop having to bale and hopefully some of the teak staining may dry out.

Stokksund provides excellent shelter and we rafted to Coulant, the yacht (Pierre) who recommended this stop when we were chatting on Leka. Pierre gave us a big pack of smoked cod his friend in Leka had caught and prepared so at last we have cod even if we didn’t catch it.