Arrival: Kytra Lock 57:07.387N 004:43.275W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Mon 1 Sep 2014 17:00
Monday 1st September 2014. Climbed the Fort Augustus flight in the afternoon with a crowd of spectators. Evelyn so good at this now she kept her slippers on and managed a visit to the pie shop between locks.  Proceeded the short distance to the idyllic Kytra Lock nestled deep between 2 sheltering hills. There is no through road and the cottages are now holiday homes but were empty as Ev confirmed before filling their bins with our rubbish. 

The lock keeper (not the usual one Linda who hands out the gold stars if you have your lifevest on) came over with a pile of wood for us to make a fire in the pit cut into the bank. We had a BBQ and then a lovely fire swopping around between our 'chairs’ - pallet, tree stump, paving slab - golly we’re posh.

They are having fun - honest. John is recovering from carrying the tree stump to the party venue.

Testing the lights - yes we know we’re tied on