Holyhead 53:19.233N 004:38.532W

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 14 Sep 2013 13:04
14 Sept 2013 Steady NNW4

Departed in the dark at 0530 and cruising chute up as soon as on course to Holyhead after Chicken Rock lighthouse. The chute had to come down only once when a rainy squall came over with increased wind. A good final day's sailing ending our wonderful summer sailing Scotland. 
The Lister support crew were waiting on the pontoon to help us in. With their help we were shipshape in no time and they delivered us home to Ty Cerrig where the only surprise was a cow enjoying the garden. 

Bye bye Isle of Man, the second time we visited only to sleep a few hours, next time we may step ashore:


Lister support crew: