Arrival: Skagen, Denmark 57:43.106N 010:35.321E

Frans & Sarah Toonen
Sat 2 Aug 2014 17:33
Saturday 2 August 2014. Sunny. SE 2 / 3, 1m swell. 47.1nm. 5.3 engine hours.

Set off for the northern tip of Jutland, Denmark, expecting a F3-4 southerly. The wind we had was not strong enough to drive us forward without rolling as the swell knocked the sail flat. After a few hours we gave up and put the engine on to give us that drive to keep the sail full. 

Arrived in the port just before 9 and plenty of time to join the crowds at the harbour side cafes of this fashionable holiday town. Met our Norwegian neighbours from last night in a bar. Small sailing world. 

Skagen town grew with the fishing industry and it is still the main fishing port of northern Denmark. We wondered why ‘Skagen’ as a name seems familiar and we have figured out it is because of the ‘Skagen School’ of artists who collected here in the late 19th century to ‘paint the light’ in vibrant seascapes. I think we last saw some in one of Glasgow’s art galleries in January. 

The tip of north Jutland is a sand spit of large dunes and heather with sandy beaches each side. We hope to explore it between the forecast rain showers the imminent westerly is due to bring. When that passes we will move on to Norway which is about 80nm from here.