Simon Ridley
Sat 2 Jun 2018 06:27
n 50.21 w 04.09
The Head Master introduced himself last night at a modest presentation. As in terms  he is keen that all pupils dress properly, Talk of school outings to many exciting places.
By good fortune Deputy head , Chris Tibbs, is a world famous weather man, my guess is he will tell us all where to go tonight, heaven forbid any pupil does not follow his directions, there may be a few in detension later in the term.
My guess is this home work wil be marked down because of my poor spelling.
As in previouse trips we will atempt to blog on the gertha mailasail blog, Sat phone will be on, happy to supply number if anyone wishes to help with text message, looks like we can do things on facebook with the yellow prick thgingy, I rely on my crew to do this as I have no idea.
Weather good, Gertie ready, this a sat test