johnny & kierra part 11

Simon Ridley
Wed 9 Jan 2008 22:51
15:35N 61:28W

Now at the north end of Dominique, Portsmouth which is the second town on the island. A bit of a one horse town and a touch of the shanties about it, a lovely bay for anchoring with a few basic bars.
At the moment the sun is setting with a fantastic golden red sky, tall ship in the bay, cold beer and now the engine is off( was heating water for shower) all is peacfull. Today we went up Indian river, it is a bit like Thorpeness mere ; but water at 30 degrees and trees 10 times as luch with a small bar at top selling rum, so not a lot like suffolk. Very attractive and a part of Pir of Car was fillmed on it, a local man had to row us as is a national park. After being rowed up and down river took a taxi ride to a waterfall then a walk around rain forest, trees and flowers; would be of great interest to anyone big in greenhouses in the UK as here the plants are in there natural beauty , with out the added cost of heating and glass.
Local trader came out on surf board offering fruit, sent im off with two cariers that he filled, then he got me for $ec 50, which would be enough to make even a miserable english trader smile;I guess selling fruit and exploiting the tourists are the same the world over.
As our engine rev counter is apparantly dead and about 400.00 for a new one not going to get a new one, can anyone tell me if all diesel rev counters are the same? if so how much a cheap or scrap unit .
Tommorow should be heading for Isle de Saints assuming the local bar with a Reggy night is not to much hard work.