hot falmouth

Simon Ridley
Mon 5 May 2008 22:54
Gertha behaved well on her final race, 12th overall beeting all the boats that were in the same league. The talk in the harbour with people who have had a similar campagne to us is the handicaps are a bit of a joke.
Today took a taxi to St. Johns; but as a bank holiday nothing open, a real grot pot place, weather is hot and humid, yesterday GJ nearly sank with the overnight rain , over two inches in two hours!
We are all sufering from post racing blues, the harbour is emptying faster than when a Doby dog drops wind in a living room.
Jaunty the dolphin is on catering duty tonight, presumably if it all becomes o much work he can call his new army escort.
Roger and Shirly are getting ready to leave, should be away on wednesday, The Donkey returns tommorow.
Have started filling Gertha for return trip, going to be interesting getting all provisions on board.