In the shit

Simon Ridley
Tue 3 Jun 2008 23:14
Today has been crappy in the literal sense. The heads decided to bloke up and so was backfilling, how delightful. Try as he might Dad could not get her flowing again so had to resort to doing something with buckets and a lot of swearing while we drank beer at the beach bar. All good fun. also found a massive jenga at the bar which turned into a bit of a spectator sport with the Americans.

This morning Kate discovered that the buoy that we used last night said "day use only" on it. What criminals we are. We woke up and having gone to sleep with the area deserted were not overly pleased to find outrselves surrounded by bloody Americans once more. Not that we have anything against them of course. They started queueing up for bouys from around 9am and we considered announcing that we were taking bids for ours across the VHF. As we left 2 boats charged towards our recently vacated buoy. No gun shots were heard thankfully.I finally finished the book that has kept me on the edge of my seat for the past few days to the relief of everyone else on board. It was quite poignant that the book concluded with someone almost being killed by having their head shoved down a toilet filled with septic tank overflow.

En route to Pirate Bight on Norman Island where we are tonight we saw another turtle that was almost run over by some prick in a gin palace but thankfully he dived just in time. Probably american.

Tomorrow to Tortola to stock up before leaving on Thursday. Made a list this evening, it may take us quite a long time to get enough on board.

Ian is now cooking, apparantly he doesn't like the implication that all he can cook is spaghetti hoops or Bob the Builder pasta. we shall pass judgement later on.

Lucy et al.

P.S Some of you miserable buggars better email us at some point in the next month or we may not be bringing home any souveneirs.