St Barts.

Simon Ridley
Mon 28 Jan 2008 23:28
17:52N 62:56W
27 Jan 2008 (we think)
A pleasant overnight sail from the all american BVI and back in the land of mixed nation anchorage with no shouting yanks. We have a small bay shared with about 20 other boats, sandy beach and no bar or boat playing music.
There is one sexy wooden boat with us and his mast is now shinning with his uplights, I think size matters to the big boat guys , am not sure how we would look think I will try the torch before having full bling lighting done.
Walk accross to the bay behind us was pleasant ; but walking into town was not one of my better ideas, the island is small with a small population ; but they all employ tradesmen who wiz around in vans. Took a taxi back , expensive but worth it.
Sea is still warm and blue , weather is warm ,some one has turned off the trade winds , we had to moter a bit to get here. A pasage took us accross one of the inter island choppy bits; but with no wind was a doddle.