41:22.29N 08:45.889W

Simon Ridley
Wed 13 Jun 2007 17:16
Yesterday we enjoyed a long sail down from Bayona to Povoa, leaving just
after 10am and getting in to the marina sometime after 11pm. We were not
the last to arrive - but very nearly!

The wind was variable during the day, but basically in the wrong
direction. Tide against added to the challenge. Most of the fleet either
motored or motor-sailed, but we enjoyed some sailing, and some excellent

In the course of an hour we pulled in 5 mackerel, 4 of a decent size.
Dinner of fresh mackerel pan fried in olive oil and garlic with salad then
followed on deck whilst enjoying the late sunshine and a quiet sail, -
this was after most of the fleet had already arrived!

Three hours of motoring then got us into the marina, being barraged by
lights onshore from what must be the longest and brightest lit promenade
in the world.

All in all a good day. Today the weather has been wet and windy, and it
is forecast to worsen overnight. Luckily tomorrow we are off to Grahams
port warehouse where the weather wonŽt matter!

Happy days.