Ist race

Simon Ridley
Sun 27 Apr 2008 21:05
17:08.26 N 61:51.94W

Today was first race, not a grand result , weather was very light at start with down wind sail, we were not handicaped for spinny so were a little slow.
Wind picked up near end and were into wind , Gertha picked up her skirt and we knocked off a couple of others in class.
Roger was on winches, Shirley on helm, Jaunty movable balast, Donkey tactician and as always I played at skipper.
Weather is 80ish with no sun and light winds, the forcast is for 6 knot winds at end of week so could be a little slow .
cat man is doing stirling service as bulk storage, Maximus is parked up close and will be socialising later.