Day 2 portugal - canaries

Simon Ridley
Sun 2 Sep 2007 12:52
35:13.5N 09:46.0W

Sunday 2nd about midday.
Yesterday provered to be a chalange, the sea bed rises from 4000 mtrs as
it approaches the coast and as a result a short swell develops, as a
result it is not untill you are 60 miles off shore that the sea smooths
out a bit; this was componnded with near no wind, so we had a slow moter
untill 7 pm.. Since hen we have sailed all the way keeping a broad reach
with main and genoa, the swell continues to make this the eaiest way
foward. The wind has gone up and down and left and right ; but we are
not far off corse even if a little slow.
Good display of dolphins earlier today, I believe the were spotted
dolphins and also some comons. Bird life has stopped after a promising
satrt yesterday, the only other wildlife are afew flys in he cabin.