Creeping towards a Rum Punch

Simon Ridley
Mon 2 Dec 2013 19:03
15.19 N 52.01 W
Life seems to have taken a few paces backwards and the foot very much off the gas ! Were still sailing but only just. Sail changes and light wind frustration seem to be the agenda at the moment. The sun is still shining though ! The debate whether were sailing or rocking away our away to St Lucia still to be decided and we haven’t run out of books so all is good.
The biggest excitement has to be the little splash right in the middle of the Atlantic on thanksgiving . Bit surreal jumping off the boat but whens there was really no wind, made sense to cool down in 29 oc sea water.So we did it me and Kathleen, the boys being too scarred so took pictures and stood by with a rope just in case.
Actually no the biggest excitement was almost full on hitting a whale, so near it had to roll on its side to avoid us! Utterly surreal !
Anyhow all well on board ! Hope everyone's enjoying the start of December and all things festive
If anybody knows this Trevor bloke who keeps sending us weather forecasts can somebody have a little word about the wind strength there's definitely not 15 knots out there now.
Kate and the rest of the Gertha crew