46:10.60N 08:17.22W

Simon Ridley
Tue 5 Jun 2007 19:19
Rally Portugal day 3 update at 18.00hrs GMT

Quick update to say we had a dozen dolphins swimming near the bow of the boat at around 17.00hrs, they stayed for about 10 minutes. Plenty of photos and some video footage taken.

Five minutes later a racing pigeon decided to join the boat after three attempts, he (now called Joe) is sitting having a drink and a snack. He's a long way from home, about 175 miles from land as a quick guesstimate. We're wondering how long he'll stay.

Spanish warship about 3 miles distant, hope it's not out for us.

Good progress today flying the cruising chute, been making around 7 knots with 10-15 knots of wind.

An eventful but enjoyable day which began with Simon making running repairs to rigging, and will end with my chicken curry, because Tuesday night is curry night!!