breaking news

Simon Ridley
Fri 27 Jun 2008 19:15
COG, 025
SOG 7knts
Evening all,
we have wind which makes a nice change to the first 18 hours of our homeward leg which we spent banging and crashing around. we are averaging 7knots and are enjoying jerrys full sails.
simon has come to a practical use for a portugease man of war, he didnt mention what this use was but the moment of enlightenment came whilst lucy was singing.
BREAKING NEWS no pun intended in true gertha blog style the excitment of the day is all reserved whilst the blog goes to press, on returning bellow deck moments ago to get mains power for the batery; all hands on deck; the main hallard snapped sending jerry into the drink, the vast amounts of sail dragging in the sea, we heaved him back aboard and are currently set about repairing it. all under control and calm has returned to the yatch.
last nights shift was calm with very little to no moon and we had one of the best nights skies so far coupled with visiting dolphins which looked truely amazing in the dark sea only illuminated by the phosphorous crackling and shimmering away. sun has graced our presence again, laura is currently cooking a feast of steak and chips.....hmmmmm, all good
take care ian and the gertha crew