37;11.23N 36;39.02W

Simon Ridley
Fri 20 Jun 2008 19:57
COG 80
another fine day of sailing not excessive amounts to report, welcome tommy b who has joined the blog,
we are currently praying for a windshift to provide a starboard tack which would mean that the heel of the boat would allow the toilet to flush properly as 4 days of port tack's has left the toilets fowl smell nearly beating our own.
lucy has been working on her marine biology and has identified some of the local jelly fish as actually portugease man of war, thank god we didnt catch one as laura (our medic) was not looking forward to peeing on anyone.
the ladies have started there aerobics early this evening,!! hmm theres alot to be said about being at sea for 15 days!
we are looking forward to some shore leave in the azores on monday evening, fingers crossed.
simon is currrently working on his celestrial navigation also provoding himself wih a distraction from the need of sleep, also he has started to master the sexton, we are down to 20 mile acuracy atm.
lucy wishes emma a happy 21st on the 21st
laura kate and i extend there birthday wishes to the irsih man whos also 21.
sharples is saying hello to he man in the sky!
Peace and Best of British
Ian and the Gertha Crew