17:55.19N 48:28.28W

Simon Ridley
Sat 8 Dec 2007 12:59
Not sure if this is going trough.
Weather has got windy in last 48 hours have moved from poled genoa and jib to jib only. Bare poles trough one 50 knot sqal.
Full genny in one oops.
Made an apple pie two days ago, catering is a bit basic at the moment.
Working 2 crew on and 1 off, were going fast ; but having to helm . Steph had a 15.5 knot. AS is prolonged bad weather have slowed up and chuging to St. L at 7 knots
No wales no dolphins, few sea birds.
The sea is now 27, so not so bad when neptune throughs it at us.