Chichester pre flight for AZAB

Simon Ridley
Sat 21 May 2011 12:26
50:47.9N 0:49.1W
Gertha is waiting in Chichester marina prepared and ready for this years AZAB.
She will be launched on monday 23rd , complete with sexy white antifoul and her apendiges highlighted in red ( as asked for in silly regs)
New jib is on , old knackered one only managed 10k miles before it died, new one is kevelar and dynema , so will be good for use in the Indian ocean around Aden.
Tuesday should see us head for the start line at Falmouth, so weather will proably turn south west force 8 ; but as always we will only have winds of 20kn, unless the winds move to force 10 , which will have the wind guage up to 25kn.