Simon Ridley
Tue 25 Dec 2007 00:03

Happy christmas to all, we are in Beque having left St. Lucia on the day before yesterday in the evening. An interesting sail fully reefed at imes when between islands and flat calm at other times, wind going round and round in circles.
Gertha had 3rd in class at the prize giving and we guess about 15-20 on handicap for whole rally.
Weather is now proper caribian and not hot lake district of 10 days ago, sea is 29c and air is a bit above in day and bit below at night.
Bird life is interesting. , saw a big thing in the marina proably an Ospray, loads of eagrets, and some black and white jogs that dive inthe sea.
Finaly saw some dolhpins when droping down to this island , first for ages, poss bottle nose; still lots of flying fish.
St. Lucia was good ; but this island is proper Caribian with a luvly anchorage and a few bars.
Is now 8 in evening here so cristmas in UK, will now let family crew send greatings.

daddy's spelling must be excused. is much more the season to be jolly here, they like to remix carols to make them well funky innit man. lucy p.s me and steffie are wearing our xmas hats and trying not to cook, tis well hot.

steffie here, have just iced the christmas cake after much drama firstly not being able to find ANY MARZIPAN anywhere so had to hand grate almonds and then the next problem was all eggs sold out!!! the christmas cake is jynxed however went to a nice cafe thingy and was given two eggs. handmade marzipan almondy stuff having grated 8oz of almonds and i forgot to mention yes we also had to peel them, if any ridley's read this pls pass on to granny, think she will be suitably impressed! icing not so much of a challenge so the much travelled christmas cake is now finished and as it is jynxed will probably give us all food poisoning or fall on the floor or overboard. merry christmas and a happy new year to all *<:-) (person with a christmas hat on)

MERRY CHRISTMAS TEAM LAWSON & A HAPPY NEW YEAR hope your not too cold and having a nice big dinner!!!