Fishy Night!

Simon Ridley
Wed 7 May 2014 16:47
27.00.6 N 65.20.6 W

May 6 had it all from a weather pov. It started early with hard head wind and big waves more or less immediately when we left yesterday nights shifty conditions . Two reefs in the main and the jib took us nicely forward anyway. At about 07.00 local time wind increased slightly into low 20’s and gusting 25/gale force for about 30 min. Course is 350 – 005 degrees with an AWA of 45-50.
Being in the cockpit is fine however below there is no really favourable place to be. Front cabin slams in the waves. Main salon has the best air but is a busy place to be with crew running in and out, and up and down to cabins, galley or head. Aft cabins have its privacy and space but is next to the motor and poor to no air circulation.
The rough weather was bad for Anthony. He’s recovery has taken a step back unfortunately. He is in good spirit but have no strengths at all.
At 13.30 weather has eased and we are sailing with full main and can point a little higher almost directly on Bermuda.
Emma bakes bread for the lunch and is soon appointed the very famous bread baker old star. A nomination that says you will have to repeat it at least once more.

As the evening comes all clouds are gone and we have a sunset into the ocean for the first time – no green glow though. 400 NM to go 27 degrees in the water.
First night shift gives us fresh fish! A fly fish finds it way into the cockpit and will be in the pan for lunch tomorrow.
Morning May 7
As the night passes the wind eases and we soon have to power up the engine again – sadly enough. 4.5 knots and lots of noise. Morning report indicates that all other boats are ahead of us. Seems many have been burning lots of diesel.
After breakfast its been a busy morning:
  • Changing a gas bottle
  • Bathing in the Sargasso Sea
  • First shower
  • Securing the generator in upright position
  • Tried sailing for 15 min – useless.
  • Whale spotting
  • Throwing away bad veggies
  • Frying the Fly fish – just delicious!
Till er dar hemma: Allt ar bara bra. Har nu kommit in i nya rutiner med segla, ata, vila.