Simon Ridley
Fri 8 Jun 2012 11:50
48.16.76N 4.35.37W

6th June 2012

It’s lovely Today, Gertha’s being very kind and her wind speed indicator’s
showing about 30 odd knots of wind. She obviously doesn’t want to scare the
crew as the man from next door has told us it’s actually been gusting in
excess of 50 !! There’s nothing for it, but to attend to a few jobs on the
boat, and continually check weather forecasts for one that seems nicer than
all the rest!
The one consolation is that there hasn’t as yet been long periods of rain,
though when it has rained, it’s been of the pretty dramatic variety, like
walking back from the restaurant and looking like freshly bathed Yorkshire
terriers by the time we got back....
We had a visit from the Customs officers this morning, to check out all the
papers and passports, and all was in order, which considering they were
rather big burly types carrying guns, we were quite relieved about.
Today's plans then, would consist of reading, eating, doing the odd job on
the boat and trying to decide where to eat tonight. It’ll have to be
somewhere with a nice bar though as Mr Bishop has kindly offered to buy the
The Gertha boys ........