The Final Countdown

Simon Ridley
Thu 5 Dec 2013 14:30
13.56.03 N 58.11.45 W
So this is it, creeping has somehow been left behind us and the Asymmetric seems to be doing its best to speed us forward at about 6 knots with the occasional catapult of 8 knots. So i’m not smug yet but I reckon my bet of 6th December for arrival is pretty good.Shame we didn't put a forfeit on it.Flying fish are back, we even saw three birds yesterday rather than just the rare one on its own.
With the arrival of land fast approaching today was been wash day.Quite a treat to see brown/grey water run off your body but after 14 plus days and 30 oc ish heat what to expect.However the aroma around here has defiantly improved.
So this is it, better prepare ourselves mentally for the hustle and bustle of St lucia , the bright lights and the sight of something other than blue, there’s a lots of shades of blue you know between the ocean and the sky.Beautiful sunrises, sunsets,trade wind sailing, tranquillity swapped for rum punch and steel bands, if I must for a few days.
Kate and the Gertha Crew