Simon Ridley
Wed 29 Jul 2009 20:30
The Malts Cruise proved to be good fun, basicly three diferent bashes with a week to make your own way from one to another.
Food drink and music was first classs in stuning locations.
For us the first weeek saw good weather that let us enjoy a few diferent anchorges, the second weeek became less setteled so we bounced longer distance, the pay off was we had longer on Islay and had moree time to explore the island.
In truth the island is all a large mass of peat, however us rufty tufty hill walkers had a superb walk to a head land with a memorial and eagles ( not a pop band)
Ace crew Bain left on Saturday, with a promise of bad weather on Sunday, we holed up in Oban Marina. The weather has continued with one good and one wet and force 7, making planning a little tricky, end result is we have walked and seen more of the local area on local transport than we would have by sailing, with Gertie tucked up safe in a marina.
Next front is due on Friday , day after tommorow, the computer generated ugrib is predicting up to force 9, we are staying put, Gretie has been booked for a lift out and will stay here for winter.
Scotland is well worth the effort, as always with sailing , you have to compromise. Deserted anchorages, wild beaches and cold water; unseteled weather, fantastic senary, tides at 9 knots.