Supertramping our way across the ocean !!

Simon Ridley
Sat 28 Jun 2008 18:48
42:25.35 N 25:54.31 W
COG 45
SO.G 5.5 knots
Wind some what lacking
Well then Folks, Good evening from Team Gertha awaiting tea from Head chef Penney and a little rain that looks to be heading our way. The pace of life is unfortunately back lying hand in hand with the engine but hopefully tomorrow we will have wind that will start our last push North. So here's hoping to wind and the lack of the hum/buzz of the engine. We have even got a poignant Supertramp track on to enhance our chances!!!  " I need some wind to reach my goal"
Today has been filled with a few repairs jobs mainly Lucy being winched to the head of the mast to replace the  halyard. Although returning bruised she refrained from a 'Ellen Mcarthur' moment even after receiving a large wedgy from bosuns chair and job was successfully completed.
Fortunately we all turned to BBC two just in time and caught the last minutes of Blue planet last night with a special on short beaked common dolphins playing in a yachts bow and then even managed to remember to tune back in today with the focus being turtles and sharks. Not bad hey for one days viewing at sea.
Afraid with the lack of wind the excitement has been lacking aboard and a few questions have been raised for you back home Initially what has Henman's hill been called this year and how's murray doing?And of course who's looking like the top dogs....!!!
So with burgers and beans on the menu I bid you Bon Nuit
Lots of Love from the big Blue
Kate and Team Gertha
P.S Matt, Are you going to Wakestock and have been wondering if this coincides with my return to mainland and my trip to plymouth.....!!!!!!