6th June 2008

Simon Ridley
Fri 6 Jun 2008 22:23
21:03.21N 63:17.48W
Course 42M
Wind ESE 10 knts
SOG 6 knts

hello all,
first of all two birthdays, happry birthday tommy b, whos the ripe old age of 21 today and second our old girl gertha is the ripe old age of 2.
we are currently over 30 hours into the crossing and what a uneventful 30 they have been..... we have only seen two whales and caught a 25 lb ish fish which is nick named the dolphin out here, but dont worry its not flipper.. currently in the oven cooking, should be some good eating. Hope all are well who are reading todays blog. we are all settling into the random shift patterns and sleeping arrangements. The sailing has been good so far and it has been a scorching day, the sea temperature was 30 degrees C. we look like we are in for a good sunset tonight fingers crossed as they have been fair but not amazing yet..
suspected outbreak of prickly heat on our girl kate, left foot measuring 1 inch by half an inch, not opperable yet..
lucy says thankyou hannah for the email and will reply soon.
skip is still smug that we only brought a line and lure, no fancy gear!
goodnight all, Ian and the Gertha Crew