A state of suspicion

Simon Ridley
Tue 17 Jun 2008 21:17
34:25.93 N 45:27.30 W
Speed 6 knots
Cog 80
Evening all from Team Gertha.
All looking good out hear as another day of sailing slowly draws to a close after averaging 6 knots down wind with both head sails. For myself the day started when I felt the force of an atlantic shower, as approximately five am the heavens opened and we had a blast of 25knots for about 10 minutes.However spirits weren't dammed as both Simon and I were singing and dancing away to ourselves, to good old Rod Stewart.The rest of the day has been pretty uneventful until I opened the the laytop to start the blog and excitement and anticipation was sparked  in the air from the deck above.I followed the comtion and was greeted with a boat off our port riding low in the waves and crashing about. Bincolusars out and an intersting VHF call from Ian, 'Hello unidentified boat on our port message over"  no resonse......! So we deemed the boat, adadonned and in a state of rot and disrepair as the mast was down and cabin very roptten. Unfortunatley what could of been an encounter with pirates and Jonny Deep, or the chance for myself to claim slavenge rights and give my dad a new project seemed to turn out to a boat grave yard
A special mention has to go to the Irish follower out their Mr Scott........I am not red, white perphaps compared to the rest of the crew but no burning matey as have been using factor Dufflecoat. Glad the concert was fantastic and Ian is not worried about the feenster he has all hope in her.Also Ian says to pass on his regard to your parents and hopes they had a good trip in Oz.Laura says thanks for the birthday message and apparently she would have worked out the riddle but it wasn there, I am unsure as I created her a crossword that she did not manage to do today and actually cheated to get the answers.
Love Kate and the well and truly Mentally Horizontal team
P.S we threw a message in a bottle in the ocean this afternoon so start scouring the coastline !!!!!!