Simon Ridley
Tue 25 Dec 2007 22:18
13:00.56N 61:14.56W

Christmas day has ben spent on beach at Bequia , it has been hard, the sea was warm the sun was sunny and the beach had trees of shade. Sun is now setting over bay , loads of yachts at anchor ; but loads of space.
Engine is on for its hour of charging to keep fridge cold, rev counter and engine hour clock died yesterday so will have to diary engine use untill we can find a man to fix it. This will proably be on one of the french islands to the north as aparantly they keep more spares, all to do with tax and us jonny forigner getting goods tax free.
Not sure what is happening for christmas dinner either in or out , a desiion soon. Stephs much traveled christmas cake has proved worth the effort, after much trouble with marzipan we had a problem with eggs, all the locals use eggs over this season and cannot be bought for love or money, managed to scrounge two off a local bar so cake could be finished.