Hook a Duck

Simon Ridley
Fri 13 Jun 2008 21:23
29;20.49. N  54;50.44. W
We are sailing, We are sailing.......yes we have wind and Lucy is currently doing a fine job helming. Wind is up to about 14 knots apparent and getting a boat speed of about 6.5 knots... The day started for me with Simon, Ian and I desperately trying to catch some unknown objects that kept floating past. Ideas of children's toys particulary minature inflatable dolphins came to mind with the idea they were perphaps similar to a ballon race and if we responded we would get some prize money. After Ian took the job of offical lookout and I fashioned a net from boat hook, sieve and gafter tape we waited. However we never netted the said objects as we realised they were jellyfish like creatures with tenticles.Excitement over we went back to the strenous grind of waiting for wind.Which came through early this afternoon.
For some the day started with three hours of a good down pour of rain and Miss Wilson deciding to srub the decks, she definelty is a morning person.  The rain ended an intersting evening of anticipation as a storm was in the air.Lighting and Thunder observed as we dully responded by putting electricals in oven. It luckily did not get too close so all's well as another day of sunshine comes to a end.
In regard to other news last nite as the sun was begining to set we caught not just one but two fish.Just as the first one was gutted another bit, perfect timing for what would be a very random concottion for tea.The Menu: Fish, two varities unknown, mince and tomato sauce, cabbage, broad beans and what we intially thought were sweet potatoes but turned out to a Dasheen.....similar to potatoe in taste however had a hint of mint and was green oh what a colourful tea......
Love from the daft idiots who were trying to play hook a duck in the atlantic!!!!!
Kate and the mentally horizontal crew
Trevor Thankyou for the Wind arrived on time at 3pm. Blowing from the west at approx 12/15 knots and steering 70  M
And Finally thankyou very much Harley for supplying a yacht full of music on Simon's ipod, helping keeping us all going especially in the after evening dance/aerobic sessions.