Simon Ridley
Tue 26 Nov 2013 15:26
15.20.67 N 39.51.58 W
Where still sailing just about, even if its kills the Greek we will keep sailing even in just 5-8 knots of wind !!! Powered by red bull there’s no stopping him when he’s awake. Its seems part of the night shift experienced a true squall and the American contingency decided to embrace the rain and have a shower  aka rain bathe !!!. Whilst another part of the crew experienced a rather too many sail changes before the wind died almost completely.
However the rest of the crew minus the spinnaker obsessed Greek seem to have adopted the more chilled approach to the Atlantic crossing and devouring books and cursing at kindles when they don’t work!!!  All still in good spirits and approaching the half way mark  near the weekend which means champagne !!! Also big news is Thanksgiving on Thursday and of course being a diverse crew and wanting equal opportunity's  to all we will be celebrating! No turkey unfortunately but a big chocolate cake hidden in the cupboard. Any other occasion like this coming up please let us know not like we have a busy schedule !!!!!
Finally the last big news is the fresh meat has ran out so time to try fishing tomorrow so fingers crossed or else tin’s is it !
Satellites still seem to a bain in Simons daily routine so next update when we can !
Kate and the Gertha Crew