28:38.23N 57:58.11W

Simon Ridley
Wed 11 Jun 2008 21:20
COG 95m SOG 5Kn Wind NNW 7kn

Kate would like to start off by wishing 'Our James' a very Happy
Birthday for the 10th of June. Unsure what day it is today or any day we
appologise for the delay of birthday tidings. "Hope u party hard in true
rodge style and i'm sending you a coniston/abersoch style greeting, you
rember how cool our hand shake use to be.....zing!!"

I (laura) have been asked to write the blog today which seems bizarre as
I have been lazing around in bed all day as it is officially my day off.
So i will do my best to piece the dya together. Reaching gusts of 18
knotts in the early hours off the morning, Tom Cruise took the helm
steering us safely out of danger. I was also awake when we had the
excitement of communicating over the waves with a big ass tanker boat
off our Starboard. Tom Cruise radioed them just to make sure they new
where we were (coz we couldn't be bothered to change course and move out
of the way).....then they texted "Happy Sailing" through the radar. That
was the highlight of the day.

Nigel (our birdy friend -still unidentified) was back today playing
chicken with Gertha. Flying infront and landing in our path before
scuppering out of our way just before we ran him over. It must be the
loneliness out here that is driving him to such extremes. Gerry (the
spinnaker) has been up and down twice today to give us that extra bit of
speed. After some dubious on deck dance moves this afternoon we are
looking forward to spag bog (the first of four mince meals) for dinner.

Another day closer to the Azores x