gertha kissed a whale

Simon Ridley
Sat 30 Nov 2013 12:53
14.48S 47.15W
The night before last whilst happily reading a book a whale decided to wake up beside Gertha , it is a good job she woke up and rolled over as we just had a London moire rather than a full blown tonsel job.
This morning we had large pack of Atlantic dolphins playing.
A Tern has taken us up as a good boat to follow, assuming there is a Tern with a long tail.
Wind is back after 2 slow days, we are not in the good winds yet; but looks like we will have some fair winds early next week.
Emails a now a one way thing, Windows Live mail is nearly Windows dead mail, if I play saturday night fever whilst sending emails and doing CPR I get them out , but nothing comes in so if any one wants us an sms via iridium is only chance our nos is1622475198