Simon Ridley
Thu 3 Jul 2008 20:37
47:58.96N 10:34.58W 
Course: 80 degrees
Wind speed: 18 knots
Speed: 8 knots
During the hours of darkness a strange light appeared on the horizon bringing fear into the hearts of Laura and I. The gadget that warns us of approaching ships came up with nothing and Laura's power station theory was unlikely. There was only 1 possible solution: aliens. However this idea was also shunned as Simone pointed out that it was not quite the 4th July and so Will Smith would not be in the vicinity to save the planet for another 48 hours. What is was we shall never know.
Daybreak brought with it lighter winds and calmer seas and the promise of a day of rest between the last few challenging days and the next approaching piece of shite that's heading our way. It starting promisingly enough with Laura and I able to catch some early morning rays as Otto took the helm. As the hours passed layers were gradually removed and feet  were exposed to the elements after being hidden away to prevent trench foot during the wet stuff we've had lately. The wave of tiredness that has swept the crew lately is now clear to sea as skipper starts to get crabby and more and more stupid mistakes are made. It was decided that Jerry would make his first appearance since he decided to go swimming shortly after leaving the Azores, and even though it took us bleary eyed folk 3 times as long as usual to get him out of bed he soon began to propel us along as sunglasses were once more donned. That was the end of relaxing for everyone. Without a suitable dance partner Jerry decided he would do the twist with himself and makea right royal mess of everything. He was hastily dumped into the front cabin through the hatch and told to think about his life whilst the jib was put back up. This was also not to be as it soon became clear that it too had got over excited in the strong wind and split it';s seems. Simon got to work once more but dark clouds were building on the horizon and it to has to be dumped through the front hatch before the rain (that didn't actually arrive) hit. There was nothing for it...Gale would have to come out of hiding in anticipation of another stormy night. She behaved herself much to the  relief of everyone and the jib was repaired. We decided to give Jerry a second chance but he decided to show off and was too powerful so it's up to Gale to see us home.
With less than 300 nautical miles to go and Scilly now out of the question as a final pitstop due to windy stuff again it's destination Plymouth with a probable Sunday arrival. I would say at the latest but this would be tempting fate to a greater extent than anyone would thank me for.
Let's home the Sandman is kind to us tonight or there may be winch fights at dawn especially as Laura just farted at me.