AZAB Day 5

Simon Ridley
Thu 9 Jun 2011 13:46
42:06.89N 17:46.92W
Yesterday we were waiting for the wind.  It arrived just after we had finished supper and had washed up, very considerate.  We had a strong northeasterly and so we set off again for the Azores.  During the evening the wind grew and backed as the low passed us.  By midnight we were triple reefed and surfing at over 9 kts down the waves.  It would have been perfect if we had been going in the direction of the Azores, the backing wind had pushed our course to the South whilst gybing would have put us sailing West.  The wind stayed constant for 12 hours and has only just backed a little further, we have gybed and are now directly on course for the Azores.