Simon Ridley
Mon 13 Jul 2015 09:14
59.00 N 19.00 E
Left the swealtering hot spot of Rostock a week ago, we are now 1 week into the 6 week ARC Baltic.
First week went something like this.
Pleasant overnight sail from Rostock to Ronne on Bonholm, hot and sunny first 2 days on this pleasant island. 3rd day damp and windy, 4th day was blowing 45 knots. This 4th day should have been sailing on; but was a delay because of weather.
Bonholm is small and remote, a feel of the 1960s on the camp sites I cycled past; possability of people carrying water melons to late night dance parties in the staff quarters.  A great island for a cycle and a wander in the country side.  Marine was in old fish dock with fine views of the main fuel store for the island and a bit of indutrial architecture.
After Bonholm we headed north on the back of the storm a late evening departure was our choice. Gertie lifted her skirt and blasted at hull speed for the night, the following day the wind slid away and more sails went up, by evening wind was 0 knots. 6 hours later at 1 am my nose found a zepher and we had a classic sail boing 5 knots in 6 knots of breeze, perfect for the asymetric to do its best on a perfect wind and course, by 7 am wind was 10 knots .
Now in Gotland in port of Visby, from the one horse town of Ronne, now in a cross between St, Trop and York, more old streets and bars than you can shake a stick at. The rich and famouse of Sweden are all here; I blend with them perfectly, blue eyed  blonds everywhere, even if I am platinum.
The rally enters a slight change from here, our hosts, Cecelia and Lyal are crewing on a pair of matching 48ft Halbergs,  I sence a bit of competion  in the air, have offered services of my crew to place rope on one or other of this pair of boats.
Boat of the fleet has to be a monster power boat called Migration, complete with a dog that could pass as a small horse, he or she stands at the helm , which is at the height of our second spreaders and navigates into port; rumour has it a true gentleman as will not sail to windward.