Simon Ridley
Wed 27 Jun 2012 14:05
37.06N : 8.40W

Here we are again, Lagos is a fine marina where the weather finaly turns HOT.
Th marina is under half capacity for boats , presumably a reflection on
there prices and the economy; five years ago it was near full.
The weather today is hot and poor body is finding it hard to adjust, a
small sail twek took all morning whilst perspiring lots.
Sail in yesterday was a moter, as no wind untill the big cape where it
accelerated to 30knots then round headland was 8kn on the nose, as we
wanted to be in before marina closed a 2.5 hour moter into the light wind
was a better bet than 4 hours of tacking, I must be getting old as not my
normal stile.
Gertha has behaved well all the trip, crew are there usual selves and the
skip needs locking up.