Cadiz, port sherry

Simon Ridley
Wed 4 Sep 2013 07:20
36.31.2 N 06.11.47w
I was keen to clear out of med, as am heading to Canary with limited time. Did not want to be caught with a strong westerly holding us in.
Tarifa was 30 knots, they say it blows 30 knots 300 days a year.
Running full main did a gracefull broach droped to two reefs then blasted on.
The straits are confused seas and a good wid up our tail was a good way to go.
Blasted up the coast in the evening 55 miles in 7 hours, two reefs in the main no jib and surfing, made up for the previouse night.
Puerto sherry is big modern and expensive; but it positions me well for Canary and it is nice to leave Gertha and expect all to be safe, never had a problem in Almerimar but was all a bit open.
The small town behind marina is good and local no tourist flesh pot, the bay of Cadiz would be worth some time ; but I do not have it.
The land between Sevile and Gibralter is worth a look, hills and valeys with little housing, far nicer than the med side. That is if you like that sort of thing.