We're All Flotsam

Simon Ridley
Sat 17 May 2014 19:47
LAT 32.35 N 58.13 W
Just had a post dinner visit from a lovely little pod of five dolphins. Can’t imagine getting bored of that. Lovely stuff. We’re cruising pretty well at the moment, 7+ knots in a fairly massive swell. I’ve never seen waves like it. Mauritz pointed out that I must be feeling good to be reading a book whilst going backwards:
“These are the worst...no, best...kind of waves to make you sea-sick.” He said.
It’s a blast!
Feeling pretty exhausted, but gradually getting used to the demands of the rota. Biscuits help, of course. Hard to believe we’re on our fourth day already. It’s shot by, but at the same time it hasn’t. I think we’re adjusting to the rhythms of life at sea: wake, watch, wait, eat, sleep; repeat, in various different orders. Emma reports exhaustion, and I agree. But somehow I kind of like it.
Duck passed us closely today whilst I was steering. I know we’re all on a rally together, but it was still exciting to see other human beings pass by so closely in such an epic expanse of ocean. Strange, the things that pass us by. Buoys with flags in the middle of nowhere, polypropylene flotsam, a message in a bottle and the oft-present Man O’ Wars, like floating Cornish pasties.
I guess we’re all just flotsam of sorts, drifting somewhere. Who is watching us pass by?