Spam and Tights (Spamdex Tights)?

Simon Ridley
Wed 21 May 2014 11:32
This morning I arose from my warm cocoon up front after having been rocked into the loveliest of sojourns to that land of strange dreams to hear that I had received a text message! Firstly, I don’t have a phone (and haven’t for about two years now), secondly: we can receive texts on the sat phone?! The latter question obviously answered the first and as the rest of my sleepiness was cleared away by the chill up above I happily received the news that word had come from home! Hello mum and Paul! Thanks for sending the message. It really made me happy to hear from you Smile (I’ll type some more stuff in the post-script).
Skip, too, seems particularly chirpy today. I’d been listening to him and Emma natter on about the insulating properties of hemp, idiots and various other miscellanea for some time, but couldn’t ascertain any particular reason for chirpiness (particularly those idiots seemed to provoke the contrary).

“Bit cold up here today, innit?” Says I.
Simon grins. After his Spam and beans breakfast (adds a half a knot) he had decided it was time to pull on his tights under the waterproofs. Tights, sarongs and a windy breakfast, it seems, are the things that keep skip happy.
Disturbingly, I was informed- and with only a passing comment, can you believe?!- that a Portuguese Man of War had adhered itself to the generator that we pull along behind us sometimes. To me, this was worrying evidence that the Cornish pasty people are coming for us and that we are in clear and present danger. I for one will be taking my watches that bit more seriously.
In all seriousness, though, our eyes are glued and well rested in a hope that we can spot some good news:
As of yesterday our course has changed somewhat as we head due north to intersect the search operation for the sunken boat. I was struggling some with the thought of the crew of the boat bobbing around in their life-raft. I can only hope that that is where they are and that some time soon someone will spot a bright raft with some relieved sailors in it. We’ve heard that a few other ARC boats have joined the search, which warms my heart under such sad circumstances. As selfish as it is, I think the hope would be that others would do the same for us. Good luck to all of the search vessels.
Cheers for now,
P.S. Mum and Paul: I have a detective mission for you. Our good friends Amy and Dan are expecting a little person soon, and that little person is the godchild of Emma and I. We’re really excited and wondered if you could possibly find a way to get in touch and ask them to let us know if the little one arrives (and perhaps direct them to this blog and/or the ARC Europe log). The best lead I can give you (and perhaps Caroline could help), is that I am friends with Amy Clapinson on Facebook (if she can’t be found in my friends list, look for Jason Porter), so perhaps someone can track her down that way. Failing that, Dan Evans works for Bristol City Council, though maybe he’s on paternity leave now. Really great to hear from you Smile Can’t wait to catch up over ale, wine, whisky and Trivial Pursuit soon! xxx