Cabo de Gata

Simon Ridley
Wed 4 Sep 2013 07:03
36.44.42n 02.02.71w
We have anchored here twice, a lovly national park with several bays and sheltered spots.
The first time we anchored whilst heading east we picked a bad spot , the waves were side on to the wind so a lot of roll and the wind got up in the night and Gertha went for a walk on her own.
Second atempt was far better, picked a spot the guide book said was no good, the sea was smooth and the wind was fair.
The moral is do not always believe the guide book; but it was getting late and trying to anchor after dark when you do not know where you are is a chalange.
Wind as always went from 0 to 30 in as many seconds, believe this headland is part of the problem