Grenadine Cays 27/12/2007

Simon Ridley
Tue 1 Jan 2008 13:18
12:38.01N 61:22.02W

Have left Bequia and are now in Tobago Cays. A national park and world heratage sight, an area that every guide book says to go to, there are three small islands that are uninhabited except a few local boat boys dring the day, the sea is every shade of blue and snorkeling should be good.
Unfortunatly several other people have read the same guides so we are not as remoe and robinson cruiso as we could be, also the wind left Africa a few days ago and had enough strength o create a bit to much chop fora peacfull night.
Anteater blues a Hanse 46 hat was on the ARC said hello and invited us over, unfortunatly we failed to get to them as Gertha junior was a bit full of beans on the back of Gertha for night time playing. They departed this morning apparantly with no foward fear so all anchoring under sail, respect!
Rebel T visited and we said hello ; but by the time we had returned from exploring they had moved on , I had said it was a bit chopy. May be the last we see of Tim nad Trevor for a while as they are off to Grenada (south)
Have seen green turtels swim around Gertha, we must come back at a less busy and windy time. In the near distance an island which Pirates of Carrribian filmed on where the rum was burnt.