18:27.20N 64:26.90W

Simon Ridley
Tue 3 Jun 2008 00:20
Dear diary,

Really good sleep last night which put us in good stead for the difficult day ahead......we have had to apply suncream six times on average, drinking a sum total of only six beers and 10 orange crush! Hard Times! 'Our Kate' sailed us safely from 'The Bitter End' to 'The Baths'. The journey was eased by some stronger winds, getting us to our anchor just after lunch. After spending a couple of hours chasing fish on the reef and creeping through the boulders we retreated to the shade and sun cream bottles. [The bouldering is /totally/ (to be said in american accent) off the hook man! ] (Penney, I./ Cruise, T., 2008).Highlight was the iced sugar drinks we had in Virgin Gorda Yacht Club. After 'our kates' first splinter injury today she stubbed her toe on some coral, using the kitchen knife we have amputated the injured limb, looking out for signs of gang green over the next few days. After a pink sunset we have enjoyed a chilli supper and now await captains permission to eat some chocolate chip cookies...Aye Aye Captain! Saw a ray turtle and lots of multi coulered fish to add to the wild life list. After a bit of after sun we shall go to bed. It has just started raining......now pouring......


Laura and the gertha crew xxx