Simon Ridley
Sun 29 Jun 2008 18:07
43:32.50N 23:36.01W
Course: 80
Speed: 6.5knots
Wind speed: 16knots from SW
In the hours between last night's blog and darkness we were passed by 2 whales, 2 schools of dolphins and a turtle. Then, as darkness came upon us we had the treat of more dolphins dancing in the phosphorescence, leaving a trail of sparkles wherever they went. Very magical. Today we have once again been surrounded by dolphins, some of the gymnastic variety that have been backflipping and jumping around showing us the way. We may complain a lot about lack of wind but wildlife is certainly making up for the quiet spells and we have begun to wonder if there is a film crew lurking around the corner that are filling the ocean with all the various specimens.
The wind came back yesterday around 10pm and we have been sailing along ever since. The genoa has been put to bed in the shower and the inner forestay tidied away in preparation for some stronger winds Trevor says may arrive. The rain that threatened yesterday never materialised and although it has been a little cloudy today the sun is with us at the moment. The news that northern England is a little damp at the moment should make us feel sorry for you lot up there as we struggle to count the number of hours of rain we've had on one hand, but to be honest all we can do is snigger.
That's all for now