33:25.69N 48:12.61W

Simon Ridley
Mon 16 Jun 2008 21:47
Speed: 7Knotts (top speed 11.1Kn!!!!)
Course 100
Wind Speed 12 Knotts
Well yesterday Ian was too scared to outline the catostrophhic events of my birthday cake. After carefully combining the ingredients of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate I poured it down the back of the oven! With chocolate cake everywhere it was hard to get it completely clean so we are gonna have to put up with the smell of burning chocolate whenever we use the oven.
I then proceeded to blub over the death of the chocolate cake.....I know only my sister Katie will understand how much I was looking forward to it.
Today started off with a power failure......no navigation instruments, lights, and engine! All at 5am! some off us had the luxury of being in bed, but never fear simon is here! To the rescue our capitano came locating the guilty fuse. Kate continued to steer  by the sun and all was well.
Doby/magic/wasp (as of yet undecided) our spinnaker sail made its first appearance today as we head down wind towards the azores. After a timely battle to get it up with the six ropes used to hold it up we enjoyed a few hours of cruising hitting top speeds of 10-11 knotts....."ZZOOOooooooom!" in the words of Lucy Ridley.
Then we had a bit of a cuffuffle when Simon spotted the main haliard had frayed and was on the point of snapping....All hands on deck, snuff the sail bring the Spinnaker down!
Then "TWANG!"
The snuffer is broke! (for all those who don't know what this is it closes the sail getting rid off all the wind, therefore allowing us to bring it down easily). So after some more grunting and pulling we managed to get the sail on deck. Another set of repairs and we are soon on our way again. Unfortunately the snuffer did not make it....RIP!
Over the last week there have been complaints of an ailment that is starting to spread through the crew. As the first aid officer on board I took notes and reffered to the first aid handbook to analyse the the symptoms. This is what I have concluded:
Name of ailment: Boat Bum
Symptoms: similar to saddle bum, mornings are the hub of the aching whilst the rest of the day consists of a subtle numbness in the prosterior.
Cause: having boat permanently stuck to arse
Treatment: random wiggling, dancing on deck and 10 butt clenches before bed (Simon has also offered some sort of cream but we haven't got piles yet!)
At the close of another sunny day we fair the well, readers out there. Bon Nuit!
Laura and the sore bottomed crew.