Karma Chameleon

Simon Ridley
Wed 18 Jun 2008 20:54
35:07.64N 42:26.92W
Course: 95 degrees
Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind speed: 17 knots from west
Hello readers
We are currently boogeying on down to a bit of Culture Club and other tacky 80s music as the sun sets on yet another day of fine downwind sailing across the Atlantic. With the Azores soon to be on our radar we are beginning to think about sleeping in clean sheets and having the chance to wash out the multiple layers of suncream, sweat and salt that has become engrained in our skin over the past few weeks. The crew declined the offer of a shower, deciding getting back into dirty clothes would be worse than sitting it out in the filth, however Simon did cleanse himself after he left a delightful brown stain on the foredeck (he didn't soil himself!). Skipper is staking his bet on us arriving in Horta by Monday evening in time for last orders, and with Trevor keeping us updated it seems we shouldn't have too many problems with calms before then (fingers crossed).
Dolphins were spotted last night on Kate and Simon's watch dancing around the bow, and again early this morning.....more excitement just now as I write as again dolphins came close to the boat but didn't play this time, perhaps the 80s music put them off.
At some point in the night we crossed 45 degrees west meaning we are now just 2 hours behind England, apparantly this time zone does not exist as there is no land along this longitude.
Thank you Brian for the offer of a day out on Windermere, I'm sure we will take you up on it in the not too distant future. It may not be the Atlantic but all we have at our disposal up there is a couple of knackered Wayfarers. The tiller tends to come off when you get any speed up but I guess this is not quite as costly as Cat-Man's problems!
With very little excitement to report I will go in search of some inner peace as I've just finished reading all about the Dalai Lama. Ohmmmm.
P.S Happy 21st to Sharon Penney!